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October 9, 2010
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A  Generator Rex story

Warning: This story will involve Rex/Noah so if you don't like that pairing please leave now.

And please enjoy and comment.

Rating: T (just in case)

Both boys held their jackets over their heads, running for cover of a nearby tree. The rain was pouring down, soaking the baseball court they had just been playing on not moments ago.  

"gotta' love freak rain storms" Noah said as he shook water off his coat.

"Yeah try flying into one, then it really sucks" Rex commented as he whipped off water from his own jacket.

The blonde smiled at his friend, guessing that it was a voice of experience before turning his attention back to the rain "guess we'll just have to wait until the rain eases up" he said with a sigh.

"Sorry Noah, but waiting isn't really my thing…" Rex barely managed to finish his sentence before the rain started to pound down harder "… then again maybe waiting isn't so bad" He said with a fake smile as he leaned against the tree.

Noah fallowed suit, leaning against the tree before both boys let out a heavy sigh.  Their eyes setting on the basket ball they left on the court, when they ran for shelter.

"How long do these rain storms last?" Rex asked, as the blonde was much more familiar with the area then he was.

Noah gave him a shrug "from a few minutes to a few hours"

"Great…" Rex groaned out as he zipped up his jacket and stuffed his hands into his pockets, he felt like it was going to be a long one.

The Evo watched as the thundering rain rocked the orange ball back and forth on the uneven court. He then caught Noah shivering in the corner of his eye.

"You cold?" Rex asked turning his head towards the blonde.

"No I'm fine" Noah said as he crossed his arms over his chest suppressing the urge to shiver.

"You're sure?" the tanned boy questioned.

"Yes" the blonde reassured as he stopped leaning against the tree and stood up straight, as if that could proved he was fine, but it quickly failed as he shivered again.

Rex stood up and pointed at his friend "you are cold".

"Ok maybe I am a little" Noah admitted as he zippered up his jacket "but I'm ok I can handle a little chill."

Rex gave him an unbelieving look but shrugged "if you say so, Noah" his attention returning to the rain, well some of it. Rex was a little worried that Noah was getting too cold; he didn't want his best friend getting sick.

Noah suddenly yelped, causing Rex to jump and quickly turned to his friend, only to see that the blonde now had a wet hair.

"This tree doesn't like me" Noah grumbled, as he had just gotten water poured on him by a tress' branch.

Rex burst out laughing, but tried to muffle it with one hands as Noah shoot him a glare, that only made Rex want to laugh harder. Noah wasn't good at glaring.

"It's not funny Rex, that water was really cold" Noah complained with a pout, which made the tanned boy smile.

Rex then frowned as he saw Noah's shivering getting worst "oh come here you big wimp" he said and tugged Noah's jacket, pulling the blonde into his arms.

Noah stood stunned as Rex's arms were wrapped around his waist and his back pressed against Rex's chest.  

A long moment passed before his mind caught up to what Rex said, "I'm not a wimp" Noah muttered.

Rex laughed a little at that "Yeah, yeah, I know" he said brushing it off "…Feeling warmer now?" he asked.

Noah didn't dare look at Rex for fear of him seeing the blush clear across his face "yeah a bit" but not in the way Rex meant to, or that's what Noah thought.

"That's good" Rex said, glad that he could hold his friend… no, crush like this, without risking their friendship….  Just as long as Noah only thought he was doing this in a pure 'friendly' matter.

Noah shivered again and stuffed his hands between his arms to try and warm them, but once again the Evo notice the action.

"Here, give me your hands" Rex said as he extended his hands out in front of both of them.

Noah glanced back at Rex for a moment before placing his hands in the tanned boy's noticeably warmer ones. Rex smiled at this, folding Noah's hands against one another, before he started to rub his palm and fingers over them "Does that feel a bit better?"

"Yeah…" Noah said as his body relaxed against Rex's, his eyes were fixed on Rex's hands as it was one of the few times he wasn't wearing his gloves, and the first time Noah hand felt the tanned boy's bare hand.

Rex smiled and leaned against the tree again, taking the other boy with him, causing Noah to lean more weight onto him.  Rex's hands traced over and rubbed against Noah's. He couldn't help but want this moment to last for as long as it could.

Noah body stiffened some as he took a shaky breath, before he unfolded his hands and quickly intertwined his finger of his left hand with Rex's right.

Rex froze and stared unbelievingly down at the hand that Noah held "Noah?" he asked puzzled, but the blonde only held his hand tighter as he turned his head so Rex couldn't see his face.

"Noah…" Rex said softer, his hand wrapping back around the other boy's, as his other arm wrapped around the blonde's waist and held him close.

Noah turned his head and looked at their intertwined hands before looking up at Rex with a warm smile, and Rex returned it with one of his own.

Noah turned around in Rex's embrace, their hand's still entangled as he stood on his tip toes, leaning up to kiss Rex.

"Wait" Rex quickly said

Noah looked at Rex confused and a little hurt "Whaaaa-" the blonde was suddenly dragged into the pouring rain "Rex what are y--!?" but Noah was cut off as Rex grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him passionately. The blonde easily melted into the emotional kiss and could do little more then return the kiss, pouring his own pent up  emotions' into it.

The rain all but nothing as they held onto each other tightly, and share a kiss that exchanged the feelings they held for other. Only breaking apart when the basketball they left on the court bumped against their leg.

Rex gave the other boy one of his goofy smiles "Sorry, I always wanted to have a kiss in the pouring rain" He said, as the rain kept pounding down on them, beads of rain running down both their faces.

Noah smiled up at the Evo as he let out a small laugh, before Rex pulled him into another kiss this one sweeter then the last.
This is for :iconxing-2-lee: Rex/Noah contest.

Rainy weather outside
And the song 1000 words (the Japanese version a.k.a. 1000 no kotaba) [link]
I literally kept replaying it over and over as I wrote this fic.

Hope you all enjoy the story.

Noah and Rex belong to Man of Action.
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DiamondsRare Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011  Student General Artist
awwww! amazing!
FantasyMagicGirl Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011
Thank you ^^
Xing-2-Lee Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I have some Taiwanese/Chinese friends who love Noex as much as I do, and I would like to share your awesome fan fiction, Pouring Rain, with them.

Unfortunately, my friends do not understand English as well as I do, therefore I wonder if I may have the permission to translate this fan fiction into Mandarin and then share it with my friends.

Don't worry, I promise I will mention your credit and post the link to the original version on the translated one so people will know that you are the writer.

It would be great if you would share this fanfic! Thank you very much! :)
FantasyMagicGirl Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011
yes, I give you my full permission to translate my fan fiction.
You always know a story is good when it's in muiltiple languages ^-^

Thank you for asking me first, and I hope your friends enjoy reading it.
Xing-2-Lee Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! If my friends ever leave any comment, I will translate it to you as well.^^
FantasyMagicGirl Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011
no problem ^^
jessica499499 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010
I love this! You are so right about that being a Rex thing to do! It was too sweet and funny!
FantasyMagicGirl Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010
awww thanks =3
SaronVdG Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010
Ahhhh snap! Good Job FMG!
FantasyMagicGirl Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010
thanks ^^
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