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AU Where Rook's people are more wild and are more hostile towards outsiders. Ben ends up on their planet after escaping from mercenaries, with no communication or technology to get off the planet. One Revonnahgander aiding him, while hoping for Ben to stay on the planet long enough to court and mate the outsider. (Co-written by DiamondHeart31)

Pairing: Rook/Ben don't like don't read.
Rating for this chapter: T


Diamondhead came crashing through the atmosphere, jumping out of a space ship in a desperate attempt to flea from his kidnappers. The surface trembled upon impact of Diamondhead’s body impact with the planet, leaving a large smoky crater in it’s wake. The crystal like alien groaning trying to stand up as the symbol on his chest blinked red, a flash of green light washing over his body turning him back to human. The teen too weaken to even keep his eyes open any longer as darkness clouded his vision and collapsed in the crater.

Strong humanoid cat like creatures, were out hunting with their fellow clansmen. When abruptly, the earth trembled, and what sounded like a crash of thunder busted through the sky’s. Other hunters had turned and rushed back to the village, only one with curiosity guiding his actions decided to see what had cause the earth to shake, and for thunder to rumble without a cloud in the sky.

Steam in the distance, gave him the right direction to investigate the cause. Forgoing that his actions would have repercussions with the elders, as he made his way closer to the source. Keeping his steps silent as he stocked closer to the smoking cavity in the ground.

A sharp gasp escaped the creature as his eyes were captivated with the beautiful creature that lay in the center of the crater. A breeze holding a scent that the alien found instantly alluring.

Ben’s hands twitched his body slowly returning a conscious state, while the alien carefully made his way down, his hunting instincts still on alert, keeping his movements as steady as the wind, and feet just as light.

The human groaning, slowly blinking the haze away from his sight, as he became more aware. Pushing himself to sit up, fiddling with Omnitrix turning on the communicator.

"Grandpa can you hear me?" Ben waited with no answer "hey can any plumbers hear me?" the human sighed as only static answered him.

"Great no communication and I have no idea what planet I'm even on" Ben muttered to himself slowly getting up onto his feet brushing the dirt off his clothes, not daring to say those five words that always made things worst.

"Who are you? Are you hurt?" the alien hunter asked, suddenly appearing right beside the human, his ember cat like eyes looking over the creature for injuries, while simultaneously taking in the outsider’s form more closely, noting the pretty boy’s scent was even more intoxicating up close.

Ben jumped in fright, ungracefully waving his arms in every which direction, freezing in place with his arms in awkward angels. Staring wide eyed at the alien that spoke, He (assumed from the figure) looked like chimera mix of a blue and white tiger, with black hair so long and fluffy it looked like a loin’s main. Quickly composing himself, realizing they were not a threat.

"umm no I'm okay… mostly" Ben said to the alien he had never seen one of his kind before "and I'm Ben Tennyson, you know Ben Ten, wielder of the Omnitrix" He said pointing at the device on his wrist.

"Nice to meet you, I am Rook Blonko, wielder of a bow and arrow," Rook said showing his hunting equipment, thinking it was how Ben’s race made introductions.

Ben tried not to groan with the alien’s reply, if this Rook hadn't heard of him, then there probably weren’t any universal communicators on this planet. "Nice to meet you too" Ben smiled, at least this alien seemed nice "umm any chance you can tell me what planet I'm on?"

"This is Revonnah, I am guessing you did not intend to come to our planet," Rook said, having a powerful urge to kiss Ben's pink lips when the pretty creature smiled at him.

‘Good so they knew about planetary travel that was at least something’ Ben thought to himself "umm no” Ben admitted, “I kind of crashed here" he said gesturing at the large crater "some jerks tried to kidnap me, but I got away and landed here"

An angry growl rumbled in his chest "Why would someone want to harm a creature as stunning as you?"

Ben smiled at the complement "well I’m a big hero, so I got a lot of enemies, and some of them try to take this away" Ben said lifting up his wrist with the Omnitrix "it gives me special abilities that no one else in the universe has"

"You must be someone very important to be trusted with someone so powerful," Rook said amazed, "What kind of abilities does it have?"

"It lets me to completely transform into different aliens" Ben explained "but I kind of pushed it hard escaping so it’s recharging"

"Would you like to come to my place and rest," Rook offered quickly, letting the contractions Ben was using slide; he had heard outsiders used them often.

"That would be great, thanks" Ben said smiling at the furry creature "So I'm gonna take a guess and say your planted doesn’t get a of off worlder’s?"

"Mostly since we are not very welcoming fo outsiders," Rook explained, leading Ben towards his village, suddenly worrying about his clanmates trying to force Ben away.

"Hey if your village is super against outsiders, I don’t have to go there" Ben said fallowing Rook "is there maybe a place around here that I can call off world?"

"Since my people do not trade with outsiders, we have no use for a means to communication with them" Rook explained, through he thought it was something they needed, but the elders didn't agree.

"Ohh" Ben said hanging his head, wondering how he was going to call for help, and get back to earth.

"I am sorry, but the elders of my village forbid technology," Rook said, sad he couldn't be of more help for the beautiful boy.

"Nah it's okay” Ben said shaking his head “my grandpa and others will come looking for me, and if nothing else I guess I'll just have to wait” Ben shrugged putting his hands behind his head and looked up at the sky “my cousin has gotten pretty good at tracking me down”

"How about I catch us some dinner," Rook offered, figuring the pretty boy might be hungry and wanted to avoid going to the village, worried for Ben's safety.

"oh umm sure, but just to warn you human's… that's my race” Ben said pointing at himself “can only eat cooked meat".

"Seems like a lot of trouble, but I understand," Rook said, getting a arrow ready, taking aim for a bird in flying near by and piercing it’s neck with one shot, and the small mammal come tumbling to the ground.

"Wow you got really good aim" Ben praised.

"Thank you” Rook said, happy he impressed the boy he wanted to mate “I have worked hard on it over the years."

"It shows" Ben said, looking over the alien in a new light "when did you start using a bow and arrow?"

"I started shortly after I started to walk," Rook admitted, most of their race learning to hunt at an early age.

"Wow that's pretty young" Ben commented "and I thought I was young when I got the Omnitrix"

"How old were you?" Rook questioned.

"Ten years old, I was just a kid at the time" ben explained not sure how different their people were in living years.

"You have felons after you, since your childhood?" Rook asked, a little angry that the pretty creature was put in danger.

"Yeah, but I've always had my cousin and Grandpa to help me out, so it's not so bad" Ben said rubbing the back of his neck, thought there had been some pretty close calls.

"At least nothing happened to that pretty face of yours," Rook commented, grabbing the bird, so he could defeater and cook it.

Ben blushed wondering if all rook's kind, flatter as much as him.

Rook quickly started a fire then started to cook his kill, loving the cute blush on Ben's face.

"By the way, thanks, for helping me out" Ben said before he forgot to thank the alien again "this is kind of the first time, I’ve ever been on a foreign planet by myself."

"You are the first outsider I have ever seen," Rook said, "Is everyone on your race as beautiful as you?"

"Umm well, we all look kind of different, like different coloured eyes, hair, and skin. I guess it would depend on what a person likes best" Ben said, Rook's flirting completely going over his head.

Rook looked over Ben's slim soft body, wondering how it would feel against his.
The human completely missing the primal looks the Revannahgander was giving him, his eyes on the fire and his mind elsewhere.

Rook taking extra care, as he cooked the bird, hoping Ben would think he'd be a good provider and could take care of him.

"So just to get my baring’s how dangerous is your planet? Like are there certain plants or creatures I should worry about or stay away from?" Ben questioned.

"Mostly just the Muroids, but they only go after crops” Rook answered.

"What do they look like?"

"Really large rodents, which can roll up into balls"

"Guess that makes them like cannonball” Ben mutter “good to know"

"Food is done" Rook declared, offering ben some of the meat on a large leaf.

"Thanks" Ben said taking the meat and carefully bit into it, worried about the taste "hmm this is really good" ben said, with his mouth half full, before taking another bite.

"I am happy that it is to your liking" Rook beamed.

"yeah… it’s way better… then what my grandpa or mom make" Ben said between bites and mouthfuls.

"I will make more food for you during your stay here" Rook promised.

"Thanks Rook, hopefully I won't be staying here for too long" Ben said looking up at the sky.

Rook hoped he had enough time to win Ben over and mate with him before that time came.

The human finished off the cooked bird feeling at least a little better with some food in his stomach.

"How are you feeling," Rook asked.

"Feeling pretty good” Ben replied “beside you know the whole stuck on an unfamiliar planet thing" he added jokingly.

"I will do my best, to make sure you are comfortable and enjoy your stay here," Rook said moving closer to Ben.

"Thanks Rook, at least I have one friend on this planet." Ben said smiling at the Revonnahgander.

"It is always good, to have someone you can trust." '

"yeah" Ben nodded in agreement "umm by the way, should I worry about other people in your clan, since they don't like outsiders?”

"I already know my father will not approve," Rook said.

"Un-approving Father, heh I'm used to that" Ben snorted thinking of his own dad.

"Most of my village is stuck in the old ways" Rook sighed, "many, including myself, want to see other worlds and explore the stars."

"It is pretty amazing out there" Ben admitted looking up at the sky "but there's also a lot of bad stuff and people out there that need to be stopped"

"Does that stop you from going to space and exploring" Rook questioned.

"No” Ben shook his head “but it does make me do a lot of side tracking, you know gotta stop the bad guys” Ben with rising his Omnitrix hand and doing a fist pump

“but sometimes I would like to just explore a planet without having to stop an evil tyranny or some gang from hurting people.” Ben explained his shoulder slumping “not all the time, just… once in a while would be nice"

"I would be more than happy to show you around my planet," Rook said, standing up, offering his had to the human "I would enjoy spending time with you."

"Would be a nice way to kill time" Ben agreed putting his opposite hand in his new friend’s, smiling as rook pulled him onto his feet "lead the way"


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Tribal Gathering chapter 2 (Frist Place)

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